camilla & josh

I was very excited leading up Camilla and Josh’s wedding because they chose an amazing spot for their ceremony.  They got married in the WW Seymour Conservatory at Wright Park in Tacoma.  I love taking photos in conservatories.  They always have excellent lighting, even during midday, and are filled with amazing backdrops.  I often try to break up the foreground, middleground, and background of my photos by shooting through plants/branches.  Conservatories have these opportunities absolutely everywhere.  The one at Wright Park is very small, even compared to other conservatories, so the ceremony had to be pretty small.  It was definitely worth it though to have such an amazing and unique location.  Plus things felt very intimate and personal with mostly just family present.

The reception was quite a bit larger at the Court House Square Ballroom in downtown Tacoma.  I hadn’t been there before the wedding day but was stunned at how awesome it was.  Tall ceilings, giant windows, and elegant fixtures/decor.  It was the perfect complement to their smaller, more natural feeling ceremony.

Tay and I had an awesome time shooting what turned out to be a very stress free wedding.  Everything went smoothly and turned out great!  Thank you to Camilla and Josh for planning an awesome wedding and being so great to work with!


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