jenna & kenra

For Jenna and Kenra’s engagements Tay and I wanted to find somewhere new that we hadn’t been yet.  Eventually we decided on Lake Cushman and it couldn’t have turned out better.  We were going for an epic, adventurous look which I think was a success.  I spent a couple of hours with them in the late afternoon stopping at various spots around the lake.  They were both totally open to hiking around and going a bit “off road” to get to certain spots, which is always a plus.  About halfway through I was trying to see if we could get over to a boulder sitting in the water and Kenra decided to just go for it.  Jenna and I looked on nervously before she ended up slipping into the lake with one leg and cutting her toenail.  We walked back to the car and got it patched up.  She stayed in good spirits and toughed it for the rest of the shoot, which I thought was awesome.  When my clients have a good attitude about things it always makes everything so much better.  With the last bit of light in the sky Jenna said she had a surprise ready if we could take just a few more photos.  Kenra and I were both a little confused but we set things up on a bridge over the lake to see what this was about.  I felt like I was shooting a first look at a wedding.  Once I saw what it was I couldn’t stop laughing!  Hopefully their wedding in Seattle next year will turn out just as great!



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