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Big news to anyone who might have missed it: Tay and I are engaged!  We’ve been talking about it for a long time but it’s finally official.  I asked her to marry me at the airport when she came back from Utah a week or two ago to help me shoot a wedding.  Maybe not the most romantic spot in the world but I finally had the ring and didn’t want to wait any longer than necessary.  I told her that I couldn’t make it to pick her up and then ambushed her at the top of an escalator after she had met up with her mom.  She was so excited that she forgot to look at or put on the ring until we were already on our way to the car.  Probably a good sign.

After shooting the wedding, we took a road trip to Boise and down to Utah to get her newly purchased car to where she lives (thanks soon to be in-laws).  Unfortunately, I won’t have any photos from that trip to post because I only took pictures with my phone.  I needed to bolster my brand new Instagram account, ha ha.  But it was a great trip that included hiking, seeing friends, a crazy Halloween party, lots of good food, and a last minute invite to help at a short film shoot in Sundance.

These photos were taken at the end of summer, shortly before Tay originally went back to Utah.  We’ve been together for over two years and barely have any photos of us together.  Our first date was a photo trip to Chambers, so we went there with a tripod and a remote to get some shots of both of us together.  It was pretty much just two spots/angles that we took a bunch at.  I interlaced them because I thought it looked nice.  Beneath those are some bonus photo booth pictures we did in my room around the same time.  They’re organized into strips of four shots like you get from real photo booths.  I put several strips side by side to save space.  As always, thanks for looking!





















photo booth 1

photo booth 2

photo booth 3

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6 Nov ’14 at 3:46 am


I hope we can make the wedding!
And then I’m thinkin’ your next adventure can be living in London for a while at least.

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