Taylor and I recently celebrated our one year anniversary.  We like to count from our first date, so I had the idea to recreate it on the same day this year.  Last year we met up for a little photo shoot at Chambers Bay, which turned into a movie at the Grand and dinner at Fondi.  We did all of those things again and ended up adding some spur of the moment shopping and a late night walk around Stadium High School.  The bottom few photos are from the end of the shoot when Tay decided to take a shot of me between the pillars.

We were worried about the weather, but the sun came out at just the right time to get great photos.  Unfortunately, Chambers has decided to arbitrarily make certain areas of the park off limits, so we had to sneak over to get some of these.  It’s unfortunate because this has been such a popular spot for photographers in the area for years.  While we were there we saw another photographer and her assistant setting up for a shoot that was ruined by the roaming security guard.  He was actually quite rude and shouted at us multiple times for barely crossing the invisible line on accident (he didn’t yell at us when we purposely crossed it for photos because we were careful not to get caught).  We saw the same happen to a father and his son who were obviously causing no trouble.  It was definitely worth it to get these photos, but I may have to scratch Chambers off my list of places to visit unfortunately.

A year.  It feels like we just met, but also like we’ve known each other forever at the same time.  Here’s to another great year.  I love you Tay!


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