Here are some photos from the trip to California I took with Taylor last month.  She had her instant film camera the whole trip and these are the results.  We definitely took the most at Disneyland and Six Flags.  There aren’t any from the wedding because we were busy taking pictures of other people that day.  It was a great trip and I can’t wait to go back!


2 1We were at the ocean in Laguna Beach within an hour of getting off the plane.

3A great breakfast place we went to the next morning before heading to Disneyland.

6Taylor, me, Josh, and John. John got us into the park and showed us around for most of the day. Thanks John!

4 5Taylor was extremely excited to meet Belle, her favorite Disney princess.

7 8 9Green Lantern: First Flight, the newest ride at Six Flags. It was also one of our favorites.

10 11Tiny Taylor in front of gigantic Goliath.

12 13 14 15We went to a restaurant on the last day that only serves waffle sandwiches.

16 17 18Our rental car in the parking lot at Downtown Disney. The bright yellow New Mexico plate helped us find our car all week.

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