tanner & victoria

Here are some photos from a recent engagement session I did with Tanner and Victoria.  I was a little nervous beforehand because there was rain in the forecast and severe wind warnings for the day we had scheduled.  Normally it would be easy to just go for a different day, but Victoria was visiting from Canada and wouldn’t be back in time for a re-shoot.  It was our only chance.  Thankfully it stopped raining by the time we headed out and stayed dry the entire shoot, but it was still very cold and extremely windy.  We just had to work around it.  I think things turned out quite well all things considered.

The shoot started off at a relative’s home and nearby street we noticed while driving.  From there we went to Stadium High School and walked a couple blocks to an awesome burger place called Shake Shake Shake.  I went there on my birthday with some friends as part of the burgerfest that Taylor and I had over the summer.  Ever since then I’ve wanted take photos there.  It provided the perfect protection from the harsh wind at the end of the day.  The staff was extremely accommodating while we took photos.  I’m sure they get that sort of thing a lot, because it looks amazing inside.  Someone even came over with a fake bottle of ketchup that shoots a red string and fooled us into thinking he was about to get ketchup all over Victoria.  The photos we took with that turned out great.

A big thanks to everyone at Shake Shake Shake, and to Tanner and Victoria for doing so well in spite of the cold and wind.


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