cape alava

I have some super old photos to share today.  I took these in August of last year (2015) not long before I got married.  I’m not much for drinking or partying, so my best man, Frankie, and I decided to recreate one of our favorite camping trips from when we were in scouts together.  We went out to Cape Alava which is almost on the furthest northwestern tip of the Olympic Peninsula here in Washington.  Pretty close to Forks.  It was Frankie, my soon to be father-in-law, and me on the first day.  We had planned on meeting another group of friends on the second day but that never happened.  There’s no phone service once you get on the trail and we waited and searched all over the second camping spot with no luck.  As darkness fell, the light rain from the afternoon turned to torrential downpour.  Given that our friends had seemingly abandoned us we made a last minute decision to pack up in the dark rain and run back to the car.  We drove several hours to Port Angeles in search of a hotel but everything turned out to be booked solid.  There must have been an event going on there that weekend because there was nothing.  Luckily we found a pizza place that was open late where we could stuff our faces.  We spent the night in the car before sorting out our wet gear in the morning.  Since that last day was meant to be spent at the cape as well as traveling home, we took our time on the way back, hitting up Port Townsend and Port Gamble.  It was somewhere in Port Townsend that we finally heard from our friends.  It turned out they made it to the meeting spot way later than planned.  As far as we can tell they made it right after we left actually.  Since our campsite had been recently vacated it ended up being the only one open for them when they got there.  They set up camp in the spot we left just moments before!  Even with the missed connection and rain we had a great time on the trip.  The best adventures never go as planned.

Luckily after my wedding rehearsal the following month we all got to hangout for a more impromptu bachelor party.  This time though Frankie’s plane was delayed and he was the one who couldn’t make it!




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