hannah & vince

If you follow this blog at all then some of these photos might seem a little familiar.  Hannah and Vince got married in the Seattle LDS Temple which is a place Tay and I have taken photos at many times.  Even though we’re so familiar with the grounds there, when we arrived it quickly became clear that none of our usual spots were going to work.  All of the rain the week leading up to the wedding meant that the grass was extremely soggy in many places and the position of the sun that day was in an awkward position.  Even so, we took a look around and found some good spots before heading inside to wait for them to get out.  Unfortunately light can change quickly and just a half hour or so later things had changed again.  Luckily Tay really came through by quickly making a new plan that would work with the current light while I took candids of everyone after the ceremony.  The newly adjusted spots worked great and as a result the shoot felt really fresh despite the familiar temple grounds.

The reception/ring ceremony was a Homestead Park in Gig Harbor.  You might recognize it as well since we’ve done a number of events there.  It’s a great location and this time was no different.  Things went off without a hitch with plenty of pizza, soda, and dancing.  Hannah has an awesome Instagram called soda5ever so soda at her wedding was a given.  Tay and I actually had similar food choices at our wedding (Stewarts Key Lime for life) so we thought it was pretty cool.


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