When Tay and I got married a year and a half ago we had originally planned to go on a honeymoon but didn’t know where.  With all the craziness of planning the wedding and figuring out where to live, any thought of a trip got pushed to the side.  Even so, we still wanted to travel somewhere, so six months later we ended up on a belated honeymoon to Copenhagen, Denmark and Stockholm, Sweden.  Tay, being an excellent internet researcher, was able to piece the flights together separately to keep things extremely cheap.  We went from to Seattle to Las Vegas to Copenhagen to Stockholm (by train) to Oakland to Seattle; all on separate inexpensive tickets.  That became a running trend last year as we later went on a trip to Paris and London as well as one to Sydney and Melbourne.  Before leaving for Copenhagen I had never left the country other than short trips into British Columbia.  Traveling so much has been awesome and I can’t wait to go more places.  This year we already have a trip to Amsterdam and Bruges planned as well as one to Ireland.

Back to our time in Copenhagen.  We went in early March of last year and I’m only now getting to posting photos.  Although I did post a ton to Instagram at the time.  I’ve found that when I take photos for clients I’m good about getting things edited and delivered because someone is paying me and expecting them.  With my personal photos though there’s no pressure to do anything with them.  It’s much easier to let them sit and forget about them.  This is a shame though because I’ve taken SO many photos this year while traveling!  I actually had way too many in Copenhagen alone.  I left about 40 percent out of this post to keep things a little more manageable.  I’ve decided that I’d like to get better about posting travel photos so expect more from the above cities soon.

We ended up absolutely loving Copenhagen.  I’ve wanted to go there for a long time because of what I’ve read about the bike culture.  I’m into cycling, especially cycling as transportation.  I’m more laid-back about it than a lot of people here who do it as more of a sport.  You won’t find nearly as many people in Denmark covered in spandex going on training rides at full speed.  Most people wear their normal clothing, go at a leisurely pace and don’t even bother with a helmet.  Despite the weather being in the 30s there were SO many people on bikes!  I can only imagine what it’s like in the summer.  I read an article recently that said Copenhagen just tipped the scale to having more bikes in the city than cars.  We were only there two an a half days and didn’t get a chance to rent bikes unfortunately.  When we go to Amsterdam next month we might try that out.  The two cities are apparently very similar in regards to their bike culture.

Even though our time in Copenhagen was so brief I feel like we did so much.  The city is very walkable so we didn’t bother with buses or subways.  We saw the grave of Hans Christian Andersen, Rosenborg Castle, the Crown Jewels, Frederik’s Church, Amalienborg Palace, the changing of the guard, Nyhavn, Christiansborg Palace, the Royal Library, and the Rundetaarn.  We also went to many shopping areas, restaurants, and cafes.  Rosenborg was really interesting both inside and out.  Some of the rooms inside were incredible and the Crown Jewels are kept underneath.  We didn’t spend much time at Frederik’s Church but it totally took us off guard as we rounded a corner on the way to Amalienborg.  We didn’t know it existed until we stumbled across it and photos really capture the feeling of first seeing it.  The size of it’s domed roof suddenly looming overhead was quite a sight.  I also love how it was built to be framed perfectly by the buildings of Amalienborg.  It made for an incredible photo during the changing of the guard.  Nyhavn canal was incredibly picturesque.  It was hard to get out of there without taking a million more photos.  Maybe my favorite spot in Copenhagen though was the Rundetarrn (meaning Round Tower).  The tower is actually an equestrian staircase connected to a church and a library with an observatory at the top.  Rather than stairs leading up, the interior is one large spiraling ramp.  It was built this way so visitors could arrive to the top by horse and carriage.  It also allowed horses to carry heavy equipment to the observatory and to move books in and out of the library above the connected church.  We went up for the views of the surrounding city.  I love whenever we find somewhere high up in a city to take photos from.  Luckily the timing worked out that we made it up right around sunset.  Before heading down I found a hole in the wall leading to the hollow core of the tower.  A piece of plexiglass was placed over the opening allowing you to step out over the 114 foot dark pit!

Our short time in Copenhagen made us really want to return sooner rather than later.  We had a great time in spite of the cold but I imagine it would be amazing in the late spring and summer.  We found that everyone we interacted with was very kind and also understanding of us not knowing any Danish.  I don’t think we found a single person who didn’t speak English incredibly well.  Everyone had a very friendly, laid-back, and happy demeanor that we really appreciated.

Thanks for looking.  Next stop Stockholm!



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Marilu Costerreply
22 Feb ’17 at 9:41 pm

Thank you for posting these photos. There are so many that I absolutely love and admire for their artistic beauty. It was fun to see so many more details of your time there too. I’m so glad you are having so many wonderful travel experiences.

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