About a month after we got back from Denmark and Sweden Tay found another great deal on tickets.  This time it was to Paris in May, just another month away, so we decided to go ahead with honeymoon round two!  Paris would have been awesome enough on its own, but since London was a fairly short train ride away we made plans to go there as well.  The great deal we got on tickets involved flying out of Vancouver.  For some reason Seattle was super expensive while Vancouver was just the opposite.  A four hour car ride up to Canada sounded totally worth it to us.  The only problem we faced was that our flight was really early in the morning and we also didn’t know where to leave our car while we were gone.  Luckily we found a hotel next to the airport for $100 that included long term parking for travelers.  Done.  On the way up we stopped in Bellingham to have dinner with a friend.  I don’t think I mentioned this in my Copenhagen post but I took my heavy jacket off on our Las Vegas layover and it slipped off my bag!  As a result we spent a good portion of the first day walking around in the freezing rain (the only day it rained actually) looking for a replacement for the trip.  Eventually we found one at a really good price that I still wear all the time.  This time we made it to our hotel before realizing that Tay left her purse at the restaurant.  It was over an hour away and had already closed.  The same feeling of panic came over us as when I lost my coat.  Luckily we realized there was nothing in it that we couldn’t live without and we were able to pick it up on the way home after the trip.

We arrived in Paris on a beautiful morning; weather that ended up sticking around for the entirety of our time there.  We first stayed in the Marais neighborhood and later switched to Saint Germain, just a block or two from Notre Dame.  We quickly noticed that the nice weather brought hordes of Parisians to the edge of the Seine as well as to any available patch of grass in the many parks.  The later in the day it got the more people would appear, perpetually eating, drinking, and smoking by the rivers edge.  A friend of ours was living in the city at the time and we got to meet up with her on our first evening there.  We walked around the city taking things in and got crepes for dinner. Our first apartment was right next to the most amazing park surrounded by tall buildings with a fountain on each corner.  We visited early in the morning when it was empty and again for an afternoon picnic surrounded with people.  We walked up and down a local shopping street grabbing bread, cheese, juice, chicken, and fruit from specialty shops.  I don’t think there was a single thing we bought that afternoon that didn’t blow my mind from how good it was.

With our limited time it was hard to decide which museum to visit.  We ended up deciding on Musee d’Orsay because it had a big impressionist exhibit that included Monet as well as a section on Van Gogh; two artists Tay loves.  The building itself almost ended up being cooler than the artwork.  It was converted from an old train station so the main hall was stunning.  Another highlight was an ice cream place that was recommended to us called Berthillon.  Located dead center of a tiny island in the middle of the Seine, it had a long line out the door when we got there.  That’s always a good sign when getting food.  It didn’t disappoint.  Definitely the best ice cream either of us have ever had.

On our last evening in Paris we decided to make our way to the Arc de Triomphe to take some photos of the city from above.  We planned to get there right around sunset for the best light only to find an insanely long line to go up.  It quickly became apparent that we wouldn’t make it up before dark so I instead focused on getting some good photos of the Arc itself.  After the sun went down we had to choose between going home to rest for our early train the next day or taking a detour to the Eiffel Tower.  For those that don’t know the tower is actually off to the side of the city a bit compared to everything else.  I had seen it in the distance a few times but not up close.  We decided to go ahead and check it out which I think was the right choice.

We also went to Disneyland Paris while we were there but those photos will come in a separate post.  And after that, on to England!



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