After our week in Utah we drove down through Arizona and Nevada to southern California to go to Disneyland.  Las Vegas happened to be on the way and I had never been, other than a quick layover in the airport earlier in the year.  We took a quick detour off the freeway so I could check out the strip really quickly.  It’s always odd seeing a place in person for the first time that you’ve seen so much of on TV and movies over the years.  Once in California we stayed with Tay’s uncle and aunt in Riverside.  Two of the days were spent at Disneyland but we had a rest day in between where we went on a quick hike up Mount Rubidoux in the 100 degree heat.  On our last morning in the area we took a detour to Laguna Beach before heading up the coast toward home.  Tay had read about a castle inspired tower on the beach called La Tour (French for “The Tower”).  It was built in 1926, along with a house on top of the cliff, as access to the beach for its residents.  Today the tower is still privately owned but the beach surrounding it is public.  It wasn’t exactly hidden but would have been pretty hard to find if we didn’t know where to look.  After that we slowly made our way up to Sacramento for the night, then to Portland, and finally back home.




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